Key information

All academy trusts are required to publish key information to ensure transparency and accountability.


What we spend and how we spend it.

  • Published Accounts 31 August 2017. Download
  • ELAT Master Funding agreement with Articles of Association. Download
  • Published Accounts 31 August 2016. Download


The agreed Trust statements are available to view from downloading below.

  • Gender Pay Gap Reporting Statement. Download


The agreed Trust policies are available to view from downloading below.

If you require a paper copy of any of our policies please contact us here.

Each academy also has a number of other key policies bespoke to them, which can be accessed on each of the academies individual websites:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Key policies relating to the General Data Protection Regulation are available to view from downloading below.

  • ELAT Governor Trust Member Volunteer Privacy Notice. Download
  • ELAT Job Applicant Privacy Notice. Download
  • ELAT Parent Carer Privacy Notice. Download
  • ELAT Pupil Privacy Notice. Download
  • ELAT Workforce Privacy Notice. Download